Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Letter from Clarence

The article appeared in the November 10, 1943 issue of the Evening Huronite, the local Huron, South Dakota newspaper.  Clarence Christensen was the brother of Lillian Knutz.


     Mrs. P. C. Christensen, route 4, Huron, received the following V-letter written Oct. 32, from her son, Corp. C. A. Christensen, who is believed to be stationed in New Guinea.

     Dear Mom and Dad: It was another hot day today.  It still stays cool at night but as soon as the sun comes up it's a different story.  When it rains it cools off a little.  Lately it rains mostly at night, especially when there is a show in the area.  We take our panchos with us when we go now so we see the show rain or shine.
     I received your letter of Oct. 2 today and also one from Raymond.  I also received three Huronite papers.  I hope you'll be able to get some film.  It doesn't make much difference which size for I'll find a camera to use them in some place in the regiment.  I want you to use the next money I send you to get Christmas presents all around.  It will probably be all I'll send home for awhile as I'm taking a furlough in a couple of months and I don't think I'll have much left when I get back.  I wrote a letter to George Schroeder, so I may find out where he is.  If I do I'll try to look him up.
     Everybody is building sail boats during their spare time so it's going to look like a shipyard around here. They don't all stay right side up but some of them navigate pretty well.  We have a lot of fun with them anyhow.  I'll have to close for now.  I'll be looking for a letter from you soon.

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